Facilities include a 120-metre by 10-metre bitumen runway with two associated bitumen taxiways. Our pit area is also bitumen and is covered by a large carport to keep the sun at bay during our hot summer afternoons. We also have a Clubhouse and BBQ facilities, plus windsocks.

Model preparation tables with 12V power rails.

Engine start safety area, pilots’ fenced flying area.

Two trainer model aeroplanes for introductory trial flights:

Two Spektrum DX6e transmitters allowing wireless connection between instructor and student.

Senior flying instructors, member expertise on building model aeroplanes, safety procedures, installing RC equipment, electric powered flight, LiPo batteries, gas/nitro powered aeroplanes, jet turbine powered aeroplanes, gliders and slope soarers (powered and unpowered), aerial photography, FPV flying, drones/UAVs/aerial robotics …

PC-based RC flight simulator

Resident zebra finches, budgerigars, whistling kites….;-)